Conditions and Treatments

Our large, diverse team of cardiologists and heart surgery experts treat all types of heart conditions in children and young adults, from mild heart diseases that demand simple, straightforward treatments to complex heart defects. Our Stanford Medicine Children’s Health heart team has earned an international reputation for expertly caring for highly challenging heart conditions (e.g., tetralogy of Fallot, cardiovascular connective tissue disorders), repairing congenital heart defects in preterm and very low-weight babies and bringing hearts closer to normal function in patients with highly complex heart defects (e.g., CCTGA). Our heart care is comprehensive, bold, and innovative, and we personalize care for every child, ensuring that your child receives just the right care at the right time from the right caregiver.

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Care highlights

We support your child’s whole health (not only their heart health) with nutrition servicesphysical therapy, and occupational therapy, and we care for your family with extra help and connections to local resources through social services.

Centers that see a high volume of patients and have clinician-researchers who are connected to a top academic center like ours develop and offer patients better treatments and achieve better outcomes, such as higher survival rates after heart surgery, fewer complications, and better quality of life. We see a large number of pediatric heart patients each year. For example, we have an average of 17,800+ outpatient/clinic visits per year, we perform 1,200+ cardiac catheterizations (diagnostics and interventional) procedures in one year, and we perform an average of 15–25 heart transplants yearly, more than many other children’s hospitals.

Not only will your child receive the best heart care available, but we make it convenient. Our Outpatient Heart Center brings experts and heart testing for children together in one easy and modern location, and we provide virtual visits and home heart monitoring services for the right candidates.

Learn what are the main causes of heart conditions in children and how they can be prevented.

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