For Referring Physicians

We look forward to collaborating with you to care for a child with a heart condition, and we are happy to talk with you about your patient or to offer a second opinion if this is what you are seeking.

Why partner with us

  • We provide children advanced, personalized care and research-driven and innovative treatments from fetal life to adulthood. We specialize in caring for children with all kinds of heart conditions, such as very sick preterm babies and children (or adults in some cases) with complex heart conditions like CCTGA.
  • Our heart surgery outcomes are impressive, even though we take on some of the most complex cases.
  • We are proud to have pediatric heart surgery, pediatric heart transplant, and VAD outcomes and volumes that place us in the top-tier programs across the nation and world. We perform more than twice the national average of heart surgeries and the highest volume of pediatric heart transplants in California, significantly more than the national average.

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Learn more about partnering with our heart team at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center.