Our Heart Surgery Volumes and Outcomes

Our heart surgeons at the Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center successfully treat some of the most critically ill children—including unborn infants, premature infants, and teens—with congenital and/or acquired heart disease.

In recent years, our team has performed more than 600 heart surgeries each year, significantly more than at other children’s hospitals in the country. This high volume has deepened our team’s expertise, drawing families from around the world who are seeking the best possible heart care for their children.

Our heart surgery team has more than 50 combined years of experience and is specialized in a range of heart conditions and treatments, from routine to complex, including pulmonary artery reconstruction, heart transplant, and single ventricle management. And although we treat some of the most challenging cases, our heart surgery outcomes are impressive, and our patients’ lengths of stay are often shorter than those of other peer hospitals nationwide.

Our focus isn’t on taking only those children for whom we know we can achieve an excellent heart outcome; it is on giving every child a chance at life or a better life, no matter how impossible their heart condition seems. 

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