For Referring Physicians

It is our privilege to partner with referring physicians locally, nationally, and around the world in caring for these complex patients. We treat people of all ages who have complex heart defects, from fetal life through adulthood.

When you refer a patient to us, we will contact you to learn more and obtain the necessary medical records and insurance information. Our team reviews the records, communicates our recommended care approach to you and the family, and facilitates care, when appropriate.

If you have a complex pediatric heart patient who requires a heart surgery or interventional cardiac catheterization procedure, ask about our Heart Center Coordination Program, which was developed to assist you with optimized case management and communications for select complex pediatric heart patients. To learn more, email us or call (855) 998-9117.

To refer a patient

To refer a patient living in the United States, please email us.

To refer an international patient, please call us at (650) 709-3546 or email us.