Reproductive Surgery

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple surgery to increase your ability to conceive and carry a baby to term. Some women are genetically prone to certain conditions, such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis, that make it difficult to get pregnant or result in repeated pregnancy loss. Others are born with anatomical challenges, such as a blocked cervix. Once the physical barrier is corrected surgically, they are able to conceive.

By employing the very latest surgical techniques and equipment, our skilled reproductive surgeons give hope to families who may think they can’t conceive or carry a pregnancy. At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we are ready and able to give you your best chance at having a baby.

While it may sound intimidating to need surgery for infertility to correct an acquired or anatomical condition, most reproductive surgeries are minimally invasive—meaning a day surgery with minimal pain, limited to no scarring, and a quick recovery.

Why choose Stanford Medicine Children’s Health for reproductive surgery

Deep expertise in treating complex conditions. We provide care for all women with fertility concerns, from simple to complex. We’re often able to restore fertility for women who thought their health issues ruled out a chance to have a baby. Also, because we are a large health system, we are able to care for women with complicated health conditions (e.g. heart/lung concerns coupled with infertility). We assemble a collaborative, holistic care team to meet all of your needs.

High-end surgical suite with the latest equipment. Our high-tech surgical suite has specialized equipment designed expressly for infertility surgeries. For example, using the latest technology and microsurgery techniques, we can seamlessly remove growths (fibroids, polyps, cysts) while maintaining the endometrium and its ability to support an embryo, or preserving the ovary and its ability to produce eggs.

Impressive surgical outcomes. With surgery, we look beyond simply removing an unwanted growth or correcting a physical anomaly. We preserve and restore normal anatomy, always with an eye toward enhancing function. In this way, we achieve great results.

Individualized approach. We pick the very best solution to fit your unique situation. Our care is not one-size-fits-all. We discuss all of your options to achieve fertility—surgical and beyond—and fully include you in the decision-making process.

Comprehensive care. Reproductive surgery is part of our comprehensive Fertility and Reproductive Health program, where you have access to dozens of treatments and services to complement surgery (such as IVF or fertility medication) and enhance fertility.