Fetal Cardiology Research and Innovation

Our mission is to advance the care of children with heart disease, beginning in fetal life. We embrace an innovative approach to fetal cardiac care. Our fetal cardiology team continues to be at the forefront of fetal cardiology research, and we integrate our discoveries into our care.

We have led and participated in several multi-institutional studies investigating the outcomes of fetuses with arrhythmias, heart muscle disorders, and structural heart problems. In particular, some of our studies relate to the use of maternal hyperoxygenation in certain forms of heart disease, including transposition of the great arteries, hypoplastic left heart syndrome/left heart hypoplasia, and Ebstein’s anomaly. Finally, we are institutional sponsors of the Fetal Heart Society, an organization advancing cardiovascular care through collaborative research.

In addition to investigating how fetuses are medically treated, we work to improve how we relate to our patient families and with other health professionals. We have a number of studies investigating the optimal ways to counsel families dealing with new diagnoses of cardiac disease. Through our fetal education project, we are using the latest technology to reach all health care providers who may benefit from training.

Ongoing medical and clinical research efforts:

  • Development of fetal coarctation and coordination with postnatal care
  • Fetal aortic valve disease progression
  • Fetal arrhythmias
  • Fetal Education Interactive Modules
  • Fetal Heart Society Projects:
  • Impact of prenatal diagnosis on family wellness
  • Maternal hyperoxygenation for growth of left-sided structures
  • Maternal hyperoxygenation kinetics
  • Placental differences in congenital heart disease