Interdisciplinary Care Clinic

Learning that your child or adolescent has IBD can be overwhelming. Our novel IBD Interdisciplinary Clinic is designed primarily for children who are newly diagnosed with IBD and their families, as well as anyone facing an important transition in his or her care. Taking a whole-person, whole-family approach, this clinic brings together our entire team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the various services your family may need, from medical and psychosocial services to nutritional and integrated GI therapies. Based on this evaluation, recommendations are made for additional services, including follow-up appointments with specific IBD team members to support the medical, emotional, and social well-being of your child and family.

What to expect

Our IBD Interdisciplinary Clinic is held once a month for new families, and the evaluation typically lasts a few hours. Here, you will become acquainted with our entire team and what we offer as we learn about your child’s current disease, including symptoms and treatments that have been tried. We evaluate what’s working well and where you might benefit from support. We also answer any questions you may have, set health goals, and map out a care plan, making appointments with members of our care team for future treatment.