Research & Innovation

We practice evidence-based medicine and take into consideration patient expectations and values, the best scientific evidence for treatment outcomes and our individual clinical expertise. We do more than consume evidence; we produce it.

Our cutting-edge technology and dedication to scientific research help our lab achieve successful outcomes. Our collaboration with Stanford Children Health’s world-class Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center gives us the opportunity to work as part of an interdisciplinary team of experts.

Published research

With our suit of wearable retro-reflective markers, we can measure every sprint during actual sports activities and see how long it takes young athletes to recover after hard work. Our team of researchers has published several studies on intermittent workload and recovery during field sports. We have also published data documenting the stress placed on the foot during sprinting, cutting and landing, helping us understand what causes stress fractures and how to prevent them. We can help young athletes understand their recovery after injury, accurately recording every step taken in the path back to full recovery.


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