Sports Performance Referrals

After you refer a patient to the lab, we work with you to understand the athlete’s injury history, strength, motion capabilities, and challenges before the appointment.

After the appointment, we send you your patient’s data in an easily readable report and can schedule a short consultation to discuss the results and how you plan to apply them to your patient’s care.

The report includes a summary of the patient’s activity during the visit, a list of issues to resolve, and customized recommendations to address them. For example, we are able to pinpoint incorrect knee positioning during running and jumping that puts young athletes at increased risk for ACL injury.

Armed with this knowledge, we can recommend exercises to improve form and reduce injury risk. We can also provide peer-reviewed publications on treatment efficacy for the specific issues we discover.

Treatment plans

Depending on your needs, we can create individualized treatment plans to help athletes return to sport and reduce future injuries. Patients can also be seamlessly connected with the larger suite of orthopedic and rehabilitation services available at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health.