What to Expect

Resources to help you prepare for surgery day

When your child needs surgery, you want the procedure to be as safe, easy, and painless as possible. Our same-day Outpatient Surgery Center, or OSC, focuses on providing our surgical services in a professional and efficient manner, allowing for shorter visits for families and relaxed recovery at home.

What to know before coming to the OSC

Consent before surgery or procedure. Understanding medical consent is important for you and your child.

How to get around our hospital. It can be hard to find your way around the hospital! View our hospital map and our wayfinding app.

Staying healthy for a surgery or procedure. It’s very important to stay healthy for your surgery or procedure. 

How to prepare your child for their surgery or procedure. Learn important tips to help your child get ready for their surgery or procedure, by age group.

If your child’s surgery or procedure needs to be canceled. Sometimes surgeries and procedures need to be rescheduled. 

What to bring to the OSC. A list of what to bring the day of the surgery or procedure for both your child and you.

How to use CHG wipes. Cleaning your child’s skin with special wipes is an important step the night before the surgery or procedure. 

Eating and drinking instructions. Important instructions about what your child should not eat or drink before surgery.

What to know about the day of the surgery or procedure

What to expect and what to do on the day of the surgery or procedure. Knowing ahead of time what to expect and what to do the day of the surgery or procedure will help you and your child feel more comfortable. 

Tracking where your child is in the surgery process. Learn about our Patient Tracking Board and our Family Waiting Room attendants. They are two helpful resources that will help you to keep track of where your child is in the surgery or procedure process.

Managing pain. We will do everything we can to help manage any pain your child may have after their surgery or procedure. This video may also be helpful in learning how to manage pain.

Recovering in the treatment center. Learn what you can expect when your child is done with their surgery or procedure and moves to the recovery area.

Anesthesia at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. Learn about the different types of anesthesia, how to prepare, and what to expect.

Ways to relax. Deep breathing and guided imagery are two ways to help you relax before and while your child is in their surgery or procedure. Watch the two videos here to help relieve some of the stress that can come with being in the hospital with your child.

What to know about recovering at home

Recovering at home. Information about how to help your child recover once you are home.

Who to call with questions. Thank you for trusting us with your child! Who you can contact with questions after your child’s surgery or procedure.

We would like your feedback. Your feedback is very important to us. Where and when you can provide your feedback.