Holistic, expert treatment for both maternal and fetal infections

Pregnancy Infectious Diseases Program 

If you live with a chronic infection, or if you contract an infection during pregnancy, you likely have concerns about what it means for you and your developing baby. Our Pregnancy Infectious Diseases Program at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health provides expert prenatal care to help you stay healthy during pregnancy and protect your developing baby from infection. You may also feel reassured knowing that with most infections, if appropriate treatment is available, risk of infection passing through the placenta and infecting your unborn baby is small.

People from across California and around the nation take advantage of our highly specialized obstetric care, which is provided both in person and via telehealth. You deserve a joyful, stress-free pregnancy, and we’re here to support you and your baby before, during, and after pregnancy and delivery.

What you can expect when receiving care from our Pregnancy Infectious Diseases Program

  • Holistic treatment for both maternal and fetal infections. At Stanford Children’s, we provide treatment for dozens of common to rare infections that can affect your pregnancy and/or your developing baby. We are also happy to partner with community obstetricians outside of Stanford Medicine Children’s Health to ensure seamless care for you and your baby.
  • Expert care from a maternal-fetal medicine doctor who subspecializes in perinatal infections. It’s rare to find a doctor with vast expertise in infections in pregnancy. When you come to us for care, you will see a highly experienced maternal-fetal medicine doctor (a high-risk pregnancy specialist) who completed extra training in perinatal infectious diseases and has over 15 years of experience guiding expectant mothers with infections through pregnancy with exceptional care and compassion.
  • Coordinated multispecialty pregnancy and baby care for improved outcomes. We collaborate closely with mother and baby experts within highly specialized programs and services at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, including the Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services, to provide you and your baby with the best chance at a healthy outcome. These programs include:

  • Perinatal Diagnostic Centers - Complete in-depth ultrasound diagnostics, including prenatal testing, evaluation, and genetic counseling, at locations throughout the Bay Area.

    Fetal and Pregnancy Health Program - A deeply specialized program that cares for unborn babies with complex conditions, including fetal infections, and mothers with placental disorders.

    Pediatric Infectious Diseases Program - Provides evaluation and care for your baby’s infectious disease before and after birth.

    Neonatology - Provides access to nationally top-10 ranked neonatal care for your newborn immediately after delivery, when needed.

Should you need expert adult care, we partner with specialists, such as infectious disease and hepatology specialists at Stanford Health Care, to seamlessly and conveniently address all your health needs. Our children and adult hospitals are connected, and we coordinate multidisciplinary care very closely—something that’s quite unique in the Bay Area and United States.