Maternity Care

In our maternity unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, we provide nurturing care for new mothers and their babies, and for women who require hospitalization during pregnancy. We support you and your family as you welcome your new baby and prepare for your new life together.

Post-delivery care tailored to meet your and your baby’s needs

Our staff partners with you and your family to provide a family-centered environment. We work closely with your obstetrician to provide you and your baby with the maternity services you need.

  • Care that meets your individual needs
  • Answers to your questions and help for you and your new baby
  • Support for keeping your baby at your bedside to promote bonding

Our team members include:

We provide quick, 24-hour access to pediatric hospitalists, high-risk obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists and a full range of pediatric services should you or your baby require specialty care. We are right down the hall from Stanford Hospital & Clinics and can easily provide access to their adult specialists.

Close to your baby at all times

We are the only children's hospital in the local area—and one of the few in the country—to offer obstetric, delivery and newborn services all in one place.

We encourage you and your baby to participate in Couplet Care, in which your baby stays at your bedside if there are no medical issues. You and your baby benefit dramatically by remaining as close as possible after birth. Together, you can enjoy:

  • Optimal mother-infant bonding
  • Personalized care
  • Hands-on patient teaching
  • Lactation initiation and breastfeeding

Your room

We honor your desire for privacy. That's why all of our labor rooms are private. Also, all our postpartum (maternity) rooms are private with rare exceptions during periods of very high demand. All rooms feature:

  • Free wireless Internet access for your laptop or mobile device
  • Flat-screen televisions
  • Select cable TV channels
  • On-demand movies
  • Storage space for your belongings
  • A place for your partner to rest

Visitors during COVID

As part of our commitment to ensure the safest possible environment for all our patients, we have also updated our Visitor Policy. We are only allowing two support people to be with you during your hospital stay. However, we can only accommodate one visitor overnight. No one under the age of 12 years of age can visit including any siblings of the baby. Your support person must be healthy and will be asked health screening questions when they check in at one of our front desks to obtain their security badge.

We realize that this is a time when people want to come in and celebrate the birth of your new baby with you or meet their new sibling, however in order to best protect your health, and the health of your baby, as well as all the other patients’ and our health workers, we need to limit visitors at this time.

Learn more about our Visitor Policy here.

Room service meals

We provide delicious, personalized room service at every meal. You can call to place an order from our full menu. We’ll freshly prepare your meal according to your order, and deliver it to your bedside. A daily afternoon tea and snacks are also served to you and your partner. You are also welcome to store food or drinks from home in our unit’s patient refrigerators.

Breast pump rentals

Hospital-grade pumps are available for rent and can be delivered to your hospital room before your discharge. Let your maternity or lactation consultant know if you would like to rent a pump.

What to expect

Your medical team will visit you and your baby throughout the day so we can address any medical needs or questions you may have.

  • Daily medical rounds: Your health care team will come and check on you as needed.
  • Nursing shift changes: Our nurses change shifts at 7 am and 7 pm. Each new nurse will come to talk to you, answer your questions, and conduct a physical assessment on both you and your baby.
  • Pain management is an important aspect of our care. Your health care team will assess your pain management needs and develop an individualized plan, as needed.
  • Pediatrician: The pediatrician you select will visit you and your baby daily. If you have not selected a pediatrician, a Packard Children’s Hospital pediatrician will visit.