Maternal and Newborn Services

Fertility and Reproductive Health

We offer expert evaluation and leading-edge treatment options with a personal and caring touch. Our staff includes some of the country’s leading embryologists, reproductive endocrinologists, clinical nurses and technicians who will develop a treatment plan that meets your emotional and lifestyle needs and individualize the predicted chances of IVF success based on your unique situation.

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Perinatal Diagnostics

We provide a full range of diagnostic, treatment, consultation and genetic counseling services to pregnant women in our seven state-approved Perinatal Diagnostic Centers in Northern California.

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Fetal and Pregnancy Health

When an expectant mother learns that her baby may be born with a complex problem, our exceptional multidisciplinary team offers leading-edge diagnostic testing and imaging, management, and treatment options to provide the best care for expectant mothers, complex fetal patients and newborns.

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Placental Disorders

We provide coordinated care and support for pregnant women whose placentas have grown across the cervix or have attached too deeply to the uterus.

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Obstetric Care

Our physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses have expertise caring for every type of pregnancy and delivery, whether routine or high-risk.

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Labor and Delivery

Comprised of obstetric and pediatric specialists from across our Stanford Medicine Children’s Health network, our team provides you and your baby with nurturing care and an extraordinary birth experience.

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Comfort Techniques for Labor

Our goal is goal to make your labor experience what you want it to be. Should you desire it, our obstetric anesthesia team is on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide the right level of comfort to make your birth experience ideal.

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Maternity Care

Nurturing care teams in our Maternity Unit support new mothers and their babies, as well as expectant women who require hospitalization during pregnancy. We’ll help you and your family welcome your new baby and prepare for your new life together.

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Neonatology Care

Our Neonatology team cares for newborns in five locations throughout the Bay Area, including a level IV neonatal intensive care unit and Well-Baby nursery just steps from our own Maternity unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

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Developmental Pediatrics

When babies are born prematurely or at high risk for developmental or behavioral issues, our team monitors and supports their development. Parents can also consult with our team when they have concerns or questions about their child.

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