Research and Innovation

Significant Innovations

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s team of PAR heart doctors regularly conduct research in pulmonary artery reconstruction. Over the last several years, we’ve developed significant innovations in care to help our PAR patients, including: 

Complementing our cutting-edge care, we perform groundbreaking research on various aspects of PAR care, including:

  • Improving surgical management and surgical outcomes.
  • Advancing the medical management of pulmonary artery conditions.
  • Improving associated respiratory, airway, and feeding problems.
  • Innovative ways to replace the transcatheter pulmonary valve.
  • Expanding catheter interventions on the pulmonary arteries.

Pulmonary artery reconstruction publications

Our team regularly publishes on our advancements and innovations in medical journals. Below are a number of impactful studies that helped us improve care for conditions that require pulmonary artery reconstruction in patients like you or your child. You can see our latest work via this PubMed link that consolidates research by key PAR care team members.