Recovering in the Hospital After a Procedure or Surgery

What to expect after surgery

  • When the surgeon is finished, he or she will meet with you in one of the consult rooms located near the Treatment Center Waiting Room.
  • Once the surgery is completed, your child will be taken to the recovery area, where he or she will rest under the care of nurses until the anesthesia wears off. The length of time your child will spend in the recovery room may be different from other patients because some children take longer than others to wake up completely after anesthesia.
  • Our goal is to get you back with your child as soon as possible. Once your child is settled, a staff member will come and take you to the recovery area.
  • Children wake up from anesthesia in different ways (sleepy, excited, having an upset stomach). Your anesthesia provider and recovery room nurses will make sure your child is safe during this time.
  • Medication may be given to your child to help ease his or her pain.
  • Your child may be offered something to drink.

If your child is admitted to the hospital, you will meet your care team who will make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Every morning, during Family-Centered Rounds, your child’s care team—doctors, nurses, staff and you—will meet to discuss your child’s care plan. You are encouraged to attend these rounds.

Whether you’re here for a few days or several months, we have many resources available for you and your child to help you feel comfortable during your stay. Print out our helpful guidelines for your next procedure or surgery.

Child Life & Recreation Therapy

With activities like pet assisted therapy and tailored surgery prep, our Child Life specialists strive to reduce stress and embrace the value of play as an important part of healing.