What to Expect: Thoracic Tracheoplasty

Thoracic slide tracheoplasty is a safe and effective surgical procedure that addresses a dangerous narrowing of the trachea (called congenital tracheal stenosis, or complete tracheal rings). An otolaryngologist specializing in airway surgery and a cardiothoracic (CT) surgeon work side by side to address the airway, heart, and lung components of the surgery in a single operation. Thoracic slide tracheoplasty is associated with better success rates, fewer complications, and shorter recovery periods than other, more traditional tracheoplasty approaches.

Why Stanford Medicine Children’s Health?

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is the West Coast’s premier location for thoracic slide tracheoplasty. Douglas Sidell, MD, the lead otolaryngologist on our Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center team, has extensive additional training focused specifically on performing thoracic slide tracheoplasty. The extraordinary partnership between the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center team and the CT team, a collaboration that extends far beyond our tracheoplasty surgeries, means that each patient gets the most comprehensive and coordinated care available. Furthermore, once the child has recovered from surgery, the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center physicians and therapists will evaluate and optimize breathing, speaking, and swallowing for excellent long-term results.

The depth of the Aerodigestive and Airway Reconstruction Center and the CT surgery teams at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health ensures that patients recovering from this procedure have access to experts in pediatric airway reconstruction (Douglas Sidell, MD, Kara Meister, MD and Karthik Balakrishnan, MD, FACS) and congenital heart and thoracic surgery (Michael Ma, MD) at every step along the way. The team approach ensures that care is always available during the most critical recovery periods and beyond.