Virtual Visit FAQ

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit connects you directly to your / your child’s provider through a secure live-video system. It is similar to a face to face visit where you can see and hear your provider. 

What type of technology do I need for a virtual visit?

You can use iPhone or Android devices, iPads, tablets, laptops, and computers. Check your MyChart messages once your visit has been scheduled for details on how to connect.

What do I need to have a virtual visit?

You will need an active MyChart account, a strong internet signal, and a device with a camera and microphone, such as a laptop or mobile phone. For a great experience, you should be in a quiet place with good lighting.

Mobile devices

If you plan to use data from your phone plan, you should have four bars or more for the best possible experience. Download the Stanford Medicine Children's Health and Extended Care Virtual Room apps wherever you find your applications before the time of visit.


You must use either the Chrome or Firefox web browser for virtual visits on computer devices.

If you are unable to connect to MyChart, contact the MyChart Help Desk at (877) 339-9895.

Are virtual visits (telehealth visits) covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies provide this coverage but you should check with your insurance company to determine your specific coverage. If the service is covered, we will bill in the same manner as regular office visits. You will receive a billing statement from us for any applicable co-pays.

How will the virtual visit begin?

A staff member from Stanford Medicine Children’s Health will call you near your appointment time to check you in to the visit and connect with you via video.


Log in to your MyChart account, select your child’s account and check your appointment details. Click on the Virtual Visit link at the bottom of the instructions. This will open a new tab with a waiting room, and your picture will appear in the bottom-right corner.

Mobile devices

First, download the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health and Extended Care Virtual Room apps. After you log in to MyChart via the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health app, push the camera button to join the telehealth visit, and follow the prompts to join the call.