Virtual Visit Best Practices

  • Know your login for MyChart.
  • Make sure your camera is on.
  • Check that your audio is not muted.

Virtual visit best practices

Find a quiet space—the area should be private and free from distractions.

Be on time—Log in early for your virtual visit.

Adjust your lighting—Close blinds and limit natural light. You should be in a well-lit room with lamps or overhead fixtures.

Check your device volume—Make sure your volume is on and audible.


Phones or Tablets

  • Download the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health and Extended Care Virtual Room apps wherever you find your applications.
  • Log into MyChart via the Stanford Children's Health app.
  • For a good experience, please check that your phone has at least 3 bars of internet. For best results, we recommend 4 or 5 bars of internet.

Laptop/Desktop Computer

  • For best performance, restart your computer within 24 hours of your appointment to get the latest updates on your browsers.
  • Only Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers work on computer devices for telehealth.
  • To check that your connection is working, complete the telehealth self-test link.
  • In the waiting room, you should see a small video of yourself on the bottom right hand side of the screen.