Revive - Initiative for Resuscitation Excellence

The Revive Initiative's mission is to provide healthcare professionals and bystanders in our communities, the life-saving skills needed to promote the best neurological outcomes in the event of an infant or child suffering a respiratory or cardiopulmonary arrest.

The Revive Initiative has four goals:

  1. Quality: To develop a continuous quality-improvement program that ensures we provide the highest quality of care to our patients.
  2. Education: To prepare our emergency response teams, ensure team competency and promote optimal outcomes by providing education and ongoing simulation training to improve skill retention and team performance. In addition, we encourage bystanders in our communities to participate, and we train them in CPR.
  3. Research: To actively collaborate and share data to facilitate national, state and local benchmarking for quality improvement, best practice and optimal outcomes.
  4. Advocacy: To develop programs in our communities, schools, emergency medical services and joint-venture partnerships that help save the lives of children who are suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest.

The Revive Initiative’s interventions consist of team-based simulation training, familiarization with emergency equipment and communication skills, monthly Rapid Response Team/Code Blue reviews and formal debriefings of actual events.

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