Frequently Asked Questions

We are expecting a new baby. How does our child become a patient at Altos Pediatric Associates?

We invite families to attend one of our prenatal orientation sessions to learn more about our practice. There are NO forms to fill out until your baby's first visit at Altos Pediatric Associates. If you are delivering at El Camino Hospital, simply tell the labor and delivery nurses that your baby will be an Altos Pediatric Associates patient and we will see you and the baby in the hospital. If you are delivering at a different hospital, let the hospital staff know you will be our patient, so they can facilitate a record transfer. We would like to see the baby a couple of days after he or she goes home from the hospital if you deliver vaginally or at a week of age if you have a C-section.

How long have the doctors at Altos Pediatric Associates been in practice?

The team of pediatricians at Altos Pediatric Associates has been working together for over a decade and some of them have been together over twenty-five years. During this time, we have put down deep roots in the community, both in terms of establishing long-term relationships with families as well as collegial relationships with subspecialty physicians in the Bay Area. View the Our Care Team section to learn more about us. 

Up to what age do you see patients at Altos Pediatric Associates?

One of the best parts of a pediatrician's job is sharing in the growth and development of patients from infancy to teenage years, typically until the end of high school. Adolescents appreciate the non-threatening atmosphere and the same-day service they find in a pediatric office.

Do you accept HMO's at Altos Pediatric Associates?

At this time, we do not accept any HMO insurance. We do contract with most PPO providers.

What do we do when Altos Pediatric Associates is not open?

We understand that parents have health concerns about their children outside of regular office hours. Altos Pediatric Associates has Saturday morning office hours for urgent care. A pediatrician from our call group is on call 24/7. In addition to the patient education in the office, we provide parents with resources to manage illnesses at home. Moreover, pediatric advice nurses are available after hours for a small charge and there are several excellent pediatric urgent care centers in the immediate area.