Chest Wall Program

As a parent with a child who has a chest wall abnormality, or as an adult with a chest wall abnormality, you know that it can affect daily life in a number of ways. Some children tire easily, become short of breath while playing a sport, or experience discomfort or pain. Other children, especially teenagers, might try to hide their appearance and possibly experience low self-esteem.

At the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health pediatric Chest Wall Program, we empower children, adolescents, and adults to achieve optimal function and improved cosmetic outcomes for chest wall abnormalities. We offer the latest technologies to ensure safe and accurate diagnoses, and we employ enhanced treatment methods for exceptional results and quick recovery.

Your child is cared for by a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists assembled for his or her specific needs. Team members include general surgeons, cardiologists, pulmonologists, pain management experts, physical therapists, and specialized advanced practice providers. Our team provides an evaluation, a treatment plan, and follow-up care for all types of chest wall deformities, including:

Why choose Stanford Medicine Children’s Health for chest wall care

  • Personalized care plans. We are 100% focused on providing every child optimal care for their specific needs. We offer a variety of care options—including ones not widely available, such as vacuum bell, so you can make the best choice for your child.
  • Highly experienced, specially trained surgeons. Our renowned pediatric General Surgery program provides the highest level of care in the United States. Because we are one of the larger-volume chest wall programs in nation, our specialized surgeons have deep expertise in chest wall abnormalities and are exceptionally skilled in the very latest minimally invasive procedural and surgical techniques. This expertise often leads to shorter hospital stays.
  • Holistic, complete care. By following your child over time—from birth through childhood and adolescence—we are able to provide chest wall correction at the right time and in the right way.
  • Advanced, innovative imaging techniques. We are proud to be one of just a few hospitals in the world, and likely the only children’s hospital in the nation, to routinely use an innovative type of radiation-free, convenient 3-D scanning.
  • Groundbreaking pain control methods. Our team has many pain control options beyond traditional spinal epidurals that are safer, more effective, and less invasive, including cryotherapy (freezing) and erector spinae plan (ESP) blocks that provide continuous pain relief and faster recovery.