Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect during an endoscopy?

Prior to the procedure, you will meet with us to learn what to expect from start to finish and to understand any associated risks. When you arrive for the procedure, you and your child are greeted by one of our nurses and a child life specialist who will offer options for entertainment, including 3-D goggles, movies, and games to distract your child. He or she will not feel pain during the procedure. The procedure typically lasts 15 minutes or less for an upper endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, and under an hour for a colonoscopy. Once it’s completed, your child will recover briefly in the post-anesthesia care unit, where you will be called in immediately when your child awakens. With the capsule endoscopy, your child will come to the hospital in the morning to receive the camera pill and return approximately eight hours later to return the recording device.

Will my child be put under anesthesia for an endoscopy?

Both an upper and lower endoscopy require that your child receive general anesthesia. However, no anesthesia is needed for capsule endoscopy. With all types, your child will need to limit eating and drinking beforehand.

How soon will we have results?

The images captured by the endoscopy’s camera and video are instant, so we can share them with you directly after the appointment and attach them to your child’s medical record. It usually takes seven to 10 days to receive biopsy results.