Outside Monitoring Services

Our laboratory services are available seven days a week for your convenience. Ultrasound visits are available Monday through Friday by appointment.

Prior to scheduling your appointment, call us at (844) 661-9857 to register and sign up for MyChart, the secure online patient portal.

Please make sure that your doctor’s office sends the following information:

  • A signed prescription with orders for your appointment.
  • The date that the ultrasound and/or laboratory test(s) are to be performed.
  • The diagnosis code for your ultrasound and/or laboratory test.
  • The name of your primary doctor’s office, phone, and fax numbers where results should be sent.
  • Your photo ID, insurance card, and any payment required for your visit.

Although your assessments and tests for monitoring services may be performed at our office, you and your primary doctor maintain medical decisions and responsibilities for your treatment plan. Stanford Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Health is not responsible for providing you with any orders or recommendations for treatment.