Your First Visit

We’re glad you chose our fertility services. Here is what you can expect as you begin care at our fertility clinic.

What to expect

Initial consultation: You will meet with one of our fertility providers to discuss your medical history and your treatment goals, and then receive clear next pre-cycle steps. This is the best forum to have all your questions and concerns addressed prior to your tests being completed. Your workup will be dependent on your diagnosis and history and will most likely involve bloodwork and one or two ultrasounds done at a specific time. Our provider will share with you specific steps at the conclusion of your visit.

Based on the results of your testing, your fertility provider will activate your individualized treatment plan.

As you embark on your fertility journey with us, you will be supported by several amazing teams: patient care coordinators, registered nurses, IVF/REI Lab teams, financial counseling, and medical assistants. Each member’s goal is to assist you in coordinating all arrangements associated with your individualized fertility treatment plan in an efficient manner.

Prepare for your visit

Verify your benefits with your insurance provider before scheduling your appointment.

Before attending your first appointment, make sure to complete these steps:

  • Activate your MyChart Account.
  • Review and sign all documents provided under the Pre-Registration tab. 
  • Complete your Questionnaire Intake Form from your MyChart account. It will be available to you seven days prior to your visit. This will help your fertility doctor develop your care plan.

Please bring the following items to your first appointment

  • Photo ID.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Medical records from your OB/GYN and other relevant documents.

Please note that both you and your partner will need to register with us. If possible, bring your partner and their insurance information to your first appointment.

International patients:

Interested in egg freezing?

Join us on Monday evenings between 6–7 p.m. for our weekly Egg Freezing Seminar with a Stanford Medicine Children's Health fertility doctor. You will have a chance to learn about oocyte cryopreservation at Stanford Medicine and learn more about our Egg Freezing Study. Register