Pediatric Stroke Care Innovation and Research

Our Stanford Medicine physician-scientists enjoy a unique collaborative environment at the Stanford University School of Medicine, sharing ideas across a variety of disciplines to rapidly advance treatments and successfully treat many children with complex cases that could not be resolved elsewhere.

Our Stanford-affiliated research collaborations include Adult Stroke, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology, Cardiology and Neonatology. We also participate in international, multi-centered studies such as the International Pediatric Stroke Study and BrainWorks.

Our clinical research focuses on the role of inflammation in diseases affecting arteries in the brain, such as Moyamoya disease and vasculitis. We use novel neuroimaging techniques to help identify the cause of stroke in children, and ultimately to guide therapy and prognosis. We have collaborative projects with Cardiology to assess stroke risk in children using novel ventricular-assist devices, and Neonatology to investigate the role of the placental in neonatal stroke.

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