Read about Town and Country Pediatrics, which joined Stanford Medicine Children’s Health in 2019, and other news featuring our pediatricians.

How and Why Kids Get Ear InfectionsJasmin Makar, MD, explains why kids are more prone to ear infections and discusses practical ways to ease discomfort and prevent future bouts in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

5 Ways to Help Strengthen Kids’ Immune System This Cold and Flu SeasonJasmin Makar, MD, provides advice on simple steps parents can take to tackle seasonal viruses. She also tackles this topic in a HealthTalks podcast.

Mild COVID-19 Infections Rising in Bay Area for Children Under 12—A KTVU Fox 2 interview on Covid-19 infections with Jasmin Makar, MD.

Health Professional Radio (HPR) Back to School RSV ConsiderationsJasmin Makar, MD, discusses ways kids can stay safe as they go back to school, the importance of seasonal vaccines, and year-round wellness checks.

Health Care Issues Facing Families TodayJasmin Makar, MD, shares tips and local resources for parents in a radio interview with Sue Hall on KOIT’s “Today’s World” program.