Parenting can be a very challenging endeavor. Children don’t come with operating instructions. Every child at one time or another becomes ill or encounters behavioral challenges. We would like to recommend the following source of information as extremely reliable and the most likely to be helpful to you in your role as a parent.

Symptom Checker

Our Symptom Checker helps parents learn what they can do at home to manage illnesses, when to go to the doctor, and what signals they need for immediate medical attention.

The pediatricians at Town and Country Pediatrics have chosen to recommend this resource to parents who are looking for information on various childhood illness and conditions. The information on these pages will be in line with what the Town and Country Pediatrics' advice nurses and the after-hours advice nurses say since they also use Barton Schmidt protocols. While they are not a substitute for discussion directly with your child's pediatrician, these protocols may help answer some of your questions and make further discussion about your child's specific situation more meaningful.