Nursing Recognition & Awards

The DAISY Award

Daisy Award icon

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses recognizes the super-human work nurses do every day. The award was established by the DAISY Foundation, a foundation for the elimination of Diseases Attacking the Immune System in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.

Mr. Barnes' parents established the foundation in Patrick's memory, because they had experienced first-hand the skills as well as the caring and compassion of many nurses.

The Award is given monthly to an outstanding nurse in hospitals across America.

Nightingale Excellence Awards

Nightingale Awards

The Nightingale Excellence Awards recognizes and honors the extraordinary accomplishments, achievements, and endeavors of our bedside nurses, nurse leaders and colleagues who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Grace Award

The Grace Award recognizes outstanding achievements and dedication in caring for children and expectant mothers. This organizational award is given each year to team members throughout the organization.

Excellence in Leadership Award

The Excellence in Leadership Award was established to honor a person whose primary responsibility is to manage people, projects or processes and who excels in leadership, teamwork, communication, accountability, customer service and achieving results.

R.O.S.E (Recognition of Service Excellence)

The R.O.S.E Award is a quarterly organization-wide recognition of employees from each division exemplifying extraordinary internal/external service. Awards are given for unique, stand-out service or a consistent pattern of behavior that ultimately contributes to an extraordinary patient experience.