Professional Development

Clinical Nurse

The Stanford Medicine Children's Health Professional Nursing Development Programs (PNDP) promotes the life-long pursuit of expertise of the clinical nurse. We recognize and reward nurses who strive for excellence in the delivery of the highest quality of patient care, while demonstrating commitment to the profession of nursing.

The PNDP is based on the work of Patricia Benner, RN, PhD. Dr. Benner identifies five (5) stages of academic knowledge applied in the nurse’s clinical practice. In the Packard Children's PNDP, the last two of Benner’s levels of performance characteristics are utilized: proficient (CN III) and expert (CN IV).

Evaluation of the nurse’s performance is further measured by exemplars which are written illustrations of the nurse’s performance. These exemplars represent the nurse’s contribution to a patient’s welfare, and they reflect the nurse’s clinical knowledge.

As part of the evaluation of the nurse’s professional development, Benner’s seven (7) domains further indicate his or her competence. These competencies within each domain are evaluated as met or not met and demonstrate to the nurse and his or her manager or mentor that knowledge and clinical application for each level is present.

The PNDP program aims to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for nurses to develop a career path while recognizing nurses who demonstrate excellence in practice.
  2. Attract and retain high quality nursing staff resulting in improved patient outcomes.
  3. Create an environment where nurses are empowered as a valued member of the health care team.
  4. Demonstrate academic advancement, obtaining specialty certifications and increase participation in professional activities.

Advanced Practice Provider Professional Development

The advanced practice provider (APP) career ladder is a voluntary clinical leadership and career advancement program designed to recognize and reward professional excellence. The purpose of the clinical ladder is to acknowledge the clinician’s accomplishments in three broad areas that include clinical expertise, institutional citizenship and leadership, and contributions to the profession while demonstrating Stanford Children’s Health’s core values. The APP ladder is a program that will recognize an individual’s contribution to patients, to their profession and to the organization in an effort to attract and maintain a high quality APP team.