Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model IconThe Professional Practice Model is a visual representation of our nursing core values, captures the essence of our vision and the spirit of our practice. Our professional practice is deeply rooted in the nursing Code of Ethics, social policy, scope and standards of practice, and Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring.

Our vision

Our vision is caring with open hearts, hands and minds. This vision bring together the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide extraordinary patient care. Our vision is accomplished through collaboration, using the Shared Governance structure to make practice decision and we recognize each other for delivering extraordinary care.

Our values

Our values are demonstrated through: nurturing individuals, having unity with others, respecting diversity, valuing self-care, using evidence-based practice and focus on safety at all times.

The open heart is at the center of our Professional Practice Model. It is a bold reminder that love, kindness and compassion are at the core of who we are and what we do. Cultivating an open heart deepens our connection to others and provides opportunities for compassion.

The open hands at the base of our model are a symbol of our actions. Using our hands, we administer evidence-based practice through a variety methods and create partnerships to improve outcomes.

The open mind is represented by the academic shield at the top of the model. This shield stands for academic preparation, knowledge, critical thinking and research. It is a symbol of our commitment to clinical excellence and professional development. Nurses are informed decision-makers who are aligned with organizational goals and priorities.