What We Do Best

Multidisciplinary expertise

Because we are one of the only Children’s Thyroid Centers in the country, our experts have a unique set of skills and experiences that allow us to handle the unique needs of children with thyroid conditions. Some of the best minds in pediatric endocrinology, pediatric otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, pediatric surgery, pediatric radiology, pediatric oncology, pediatric nuclear medicine, and genetics will work together to help your child reach the best possible outcome.

Coordinated communication

Our team provides a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. This means we prioritize clear communication with the patient and family and with each other to ensure the best possible care plan. For example, if your child needs surgery, we will arrange for coordinated appointments so that the endocrinologist and the surgeon can see your child together in one location.

Comprehensive surgical management

When appropriate, our experienced surgeons can provide comprehensive surgical management. Because Stanford Medicine Children’s Health has the most advanced technologies, we can use real-time ultrasound and nerve monitoring to make these surgical procedures as safe as possible. All surgical plans are reviewed by both of the center’s surgical co-directors, Gary Hartman, MD, and Kara Meister, MD, and our adult colleagues at Stanford Health Care to ensure careful attention to every detail. Often, surgery is performed by a two-surgeon team. Also, our anesthesiologists specialize in pediatric anesthesiology. Our specialists can also check to see if thyroid nodules are cancerous using ultrasound-guided needle aspiration in the office, with minimal pain and discomfort.

Compassionate transition to adulthood

The Children’s Thyroid Center will continue to work with your child throughout his or her childhood. Because we are affiliated with Stanford Health Care, your child will also have continuity of care as they transition into adulthood. We provide a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care thanks to our dedicated experts and consistent communication between your child’s health care teams. Our internationally acclaimed colleagues at Stanford Health Care are leading experts in their fields. Should your child be diagnosed with thyroid cancer, our Stanford Health Care colleagues will consult with the Children’s Thyroid Center at the time of diagnosis, during surgery and treatment, and again during your child’s transition to adult care. We believe in providing coordinated, complete care at every stage of your child’s life.