Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition FAQ

I am getting care from a gastroenterologist or hepatologist at home; why should I come to your program?

We pride ourselves in treating the whole child. With us, you receive access to several experts who subspecialize in your child’s condition. Our multidisciplinary team comes together to analyze every aspect of your child’s needs, including the physical, emotional, social, and psychological effects that a condition creates. Because we treat children with the most complex needs, we are keenly aware of the different manifestations of particular diseases and are able to catch problems before they arise. If unforeseen complications do occur, we can quickly tap into our network of renowned experts in every area of care. Lastly, our research-driven care gives your child access to the latest treatments available, some unique to Stanford. We will work to partner with your local pediatrician, GI doctor, and liver doctor to carry a care plan forward. If you live out of town, we provide telehealth visits whenever possible.

Can my child be involved in a clinical trial or research?

Yes. When research studies become available, your child may be eligible. Talk with your child’s care coordinator about your wishes.

What can we expect on our first visit?

To initiate care with us, call our direct line at (650) 515-3740. The care coordinator will walk you through next steps, including sending recent health information, tests, and images from your child’s gastroenterologist, hepatologist, or pediatrician. We are happy to speak with your child’s doctor at any time. At the end of your call, an initial appointment will be scheduled for you and your child to meet with members of our care team to discuss your child’s condition and run any additional tests and images. From there, we will create a care plan to move your child toward optimal health.

What can we expect during follow-up visits?

Once a care plan is established, you will meet individually with members of our care team to carry out the outlined steps. If you live outside the area and the follow-up visit doesn’t require a physical exam or procedure, or specialized testing or imaging, you can arrange for a telehealth visit. We partner with your child’s local doctors to ensure continuity of care as your child grows.

Do you care for my child once he or she becomes an adult?

When your child enters young adulthood, our team connects you and your older teen with our partners in gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition at Stanford Medicine Health Care. We work closely with our adult care colleagues to ensure a smooth transition process for your child.

What patient and family services do you offer?

While staying with us for care, you are welcome to take advantage of Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s extensive patient and family services, including social services, child life and creative arts, interpreter services, spiritual care, play and recreation, and lodging. If your stay is extended, we can help settle you in at the Ronald McDonald House and assist you with other social and emotional needs to make your visit comfortable and productive.