Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Research and Innovation

As a part of Stanford Medicine, our physician-scientists lead investigations into the fundamental biology, diagnoses, and care of gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition conditions. We harness big data gathered from patients across the continuum of care to advance understanding of pathological processes, with the fundamental goal of improving patient care. Our pioneering research reveals novel discoveries that improve patient care and expand and advance care options for your child.

Clinical trials

As part of Stanford Medicine Health Care, we are regularly involved in clinical trials in hepatology and gastroenterology. For example, Stanford is a leading research center for study of the human microbiome, an important determinant of gastrointestinal health. Plus, our research encompasses study of the effects of diet and digestive disorders on psychological health, energy levels, and metabolic function. We conduct nationally renowned basic science research related to pancreatic conditions. We are also involved in several national consortiums, empowering us to be a part of multicenter, nationwide studies.

When a clinical trial is active and your child appears to be a candidate, we will invite you to participate. Our dedicated research coordinator will provide a clear view of what the study entails and answer any questions you may have about the study and what it means for your child, should you be interested in participating.